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Hoods and Aprons and Pram Lining Recovering Service completed to a professional standard


The hood and apron on this 1950s SilverCross Ambassador was recovered and lined to match the new lining.


Are you looking for someone to recover your hood and make a new matching apron?   Well you've come to the right place!!   Email me on for more details.

I Provide a recovering service for old coachbuilt pram hoods and aprons, using the traditional methods of covering by hand, handstitching the fabric to the frame for each layer of fabric used and then again for the traditional hoodlace.  These days the majority of new pram hoods are sewn together by machine before being pulled over the frame and tacked in a few places to hold the fabric to the hood.   As you can imagine there is tremendous margin for error and if it is done badly then there could be creases and bubbles everywhere, which is not a good look!

I cut each pattern to fit the shape of the frame and after sewing together the cover is stretched into place and held firmly whilst being sewn down, any slack can be taken up whilst stretching the fabric.  This is the traditional way of covering a hood and has been used for over 100 years.

The hood is then finished off with traditional matching hoodlace, dyed to match the fabric if necessary.

I use waterproof hopsack fabric which is pretty strong and is available in most popular and old favourite colours to suit your pram livery or to give a tired old pram a new sparkle and a new lease of life.

I also use Dickson Sunbrella, a cloth-type fabric which resembles Marimo, the beautiful cloth used during the heyday of the coachbuilt pram. It is quite expensive so I only use it on request.



Dolls pram

£100          Hood and apron

£50          Hood with existing lining

£65           Hood with new lining

£35           Apron with lining and storm flap like full sized pram


Full sized pram

£80          Apron

£75          Hood - using original lining

£120        Hood - with new lining

£180      Hood and apron using original lining

£200      Hood and apron with new linings,

£220       Hood and apron using mohair-type fabric

Hood corners replaced, or new ones fitted by request.

New hoodlifts fitted if required

Original SilverCross lift the dot fasteners refitted if suitable

or new ones fitted if required.


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